Introduction: How to Make Palazzo Pants in 20 Min | Pictorial + Video

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The easiest DIY Palazzo pants tutorial on youtube!

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What sewing machine do you use?
- Brother DS140
- Wishlist: Brother CS6000i

Where did you buy that fabric?
- In New York, in the fashion district around 6th avenue BUT..Santavia was so awesome to have found the exact same fabric on Ebay!!
Green & Blue

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PT: DIY Calcas Palazzo Tutorial em português:
ES: Como hacer pantalones palazzo:

I'm very excited about today's DIY Summer sewing tutorial as it's the first time I succeeded to sew pants without the weird lines around my crouch. Managing to sew pants have been my biggest challenge so far and even though I dreamed of sewing many pants in the colors of the rainbow there was always one obstacle until I found a trick that worked for me.

Instead of sewing 4 pieces which is how you usually sew pants I cut it in two large pieces and sew them that way. And it worked! So today I'm happy to present my DIY Palazzo pants tutorial. Palazzo pants are one of the hottest fashion trends at this moment and the flowiness of the fabric makes it perfect for the Summer. On the beach, in the city or at a party with a cropped top, I know I will be wearing mine lots and sew many more!

Thanks for watching!

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rosieqtx (author)2017-09-07

I've made these 3 times for my daughter, with great results! Third time she did all the work with my supervision and they came out fine. An 11 year old can follow these excellent instructions. :)

RicksWorks (author)2015-11-01

And I like the outfit too. ;-)


RicksWorks (author)2015-11-01

Very sexy!

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