Picture of DIY Paper Snowflakes!!
Let's make super easy paper snowflakes for Christmas!! Very fun and easy :D

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1. Paper/ colored paper
2. Scissors

Step 2: Fold

Picture of Fold
2013, 10:45 AM.jpg
Fold the paper so it is in a triangle shape. Cut off the access.

Step 3: Fold

Picture of Fold
2013, 10:45 AM.jpg
Fold the corner to the other corner. To create another smaller triangle. Then fold it again.

Step 4: Cutting Designs

Picture of Cutting Designs
2013, 10:45 AM.jpg
2013, 10:45 AM.jpg
2013, 10:45 AM.jpg
Now keep in mind that the the bottom point is the middle. You can cut a hole in the middle if you want a hole. And you can go crazy and cut whatever designs you want. You can even draw them and cut them out

Step 5: Unfolding

Picture of Unfolding
2013, 10:45 AM.jpg
Now your going to carefully unfold and reveal you snowflake. Now enjoy!!
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zamrin10 months ago
Omg!! This brings back memories from kindergarten! I remember when we learned how to make these!
Friendy Wender10 months ago
omgoogle this one sounds sooooo much easier than the one iv been trying i will so try this one and post on my website and others!
Cindy02 (author) 10 months ago
Thanks :)