Introduction: How to Make Paper Snowflakes

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Paper Snowflakes are great easy and fun to make winter decorations. You can hang them anywhere you want.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:
- Six square sheets of paper. Also decorated if you want a colored snowflake. (Any size you wish)
- Tape
- Stapler
- Scissors
- Yarn or any kind of string.
- Hole puncher

Step 2: Folding the Paper

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First you will need to fold all six pieces of paper into triangles.

Step 3: Cutting the Paper

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You will need to cut the paper so that there are six strips on each. See picture

Step 4: Unfolding the Paper

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Now you unfold the paper. Then lay it out flat.

Step 5: Assembly Each Part

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You will need to loop the very middle cut so that it is like a cylinder. Repeat with the rest of the cuts, and the other five. See pictures

Step 6: Stapling

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Now you will need to take three of the six and line up the top tips staple them together and staple the the outer layer of the snowflake that line up so it looks like the picture. Repeat with other three. Then you need to staple all six of them together so they look like a snowflake.

Step 7: Adding the Yarn

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Choose one tip and punch a hole in it. Then put a piece of yarn through so that it can hang from anything.

Step 8: Decorating

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Hang your snowflake where ever you want it. They look great as winter decorations.

Step 9: Thank You

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Thank you for viewing my How To: Make A Paper Snowflake. Comment if there is anything I can do to make it better. Please vote for it in the Paper crafts contest. Thanks!


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