How to Make Plain Fairy Cakes





Introduction: How to Make Plain Fairy Cakes

100g Self-Raising Flour,
100g Caster Sugar,
2 Free Range Eggs and 
100g Butter or Margarine.

Cupcake Tray,
Cupcake Cases,
Large Mixing Bowl and

Step 1: Starting Off

First weigh out the Butter and Caster Sugar and then pour in to Mixing Bowl.

Then mix together until thick and creamy.

Step 2: Adding the Eggs and Flour

Crack the first egg into the mixture and mix in

Then weigh out the flour.

Mix a teaspoon of flour with the mixture and stir until thoroughly mixed in.

 Repeat until all the flour is gone.

Next add the last egg and stir until smooth.

Step 3: Finishing Off

Spoon the finished mixture into the cupcake cases.

Pop in the oven for 25mins!



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1 Questions

I'm just really confused is there a particular temperature to bake the plain cupcakes at.

I'd recommend around 175 Celsius (350 Farenheit) for a fan oven, hope this helps!


hi who ever did this page thxs a lot for making this page because i have a business and i have a school christmas party and im bringing fairy ckaes so i dint know that i would find a page of fairy cakes u can also help me with my business thxs a lot bye

wow, I'm going to give this a go I'll send you images that are complete