Picture of How To Make Pop Art Using MS Paint
Have You Ever seen those pop art pictures hanging on the wall at Panda, Chuck-e-Cheeses, or in arcades?
Have you ever wanted one of them?
Well now you can, just by using ms paint!

This is pretty easy to make, around 15-30 mins of your time.

Step 1: What You Need

For This Instructable, you will need:
MS Paint
Picture(preferably with a white backround)
Some experience with paint
teplik5 years ago
@BrandonMao: Cool. Do you work on commission? You might try selling on http://www.pixeltalents.com

i made one........
BrandonMao (author) 6 years ago
Please Make Some, Id lik to see them!
 I'm sorry I still don't understand. I go to the image (I tried it saved as *bmp and *jpeg), then right click. Menu comes up, I click edit. When I do that, Paint opens up. I looked in attributes, and colors but i can't figure out how to change temp. 
lemonie6 years ago
MS Paint doesn't do colour temperature. L
Technically speaking, Photoshop can't make animated .gifs either.
lemonie squares.jpg
No it can't. Nice image. L
BrandonMao (author) 6 years ago
No, You color temperature is in "edit picture" where you get to by right clicking and pressing edit picture on your selected picture. HINT: You cant get to edit by pressing paste from, you have to press the start button, get to pictures and edit it .
It is cool and that is Mr.Bean