The recent "Raw Food Recipe Contest"  inspired me to make Raw Pecan Milk.  We have a live pecan tree growing in our yard and every year we yield a very good crop.  It is a time consuming process to shell all the pecans.  The challenge to come up with a recipe has been an educational experience.  I did not know that some raw nuts have been banned in the USA.  This knowledge has made me more appreciative of growing  our own pecan tree. I have not made a thorough search on this so I don't know how much truth there is to it.  It would not surprise me though.   

Step 1: Recipe

This is what you need:
  • 1 Cup raw shelled pecans.
  • 3 Cup filtered water or spring water.
  • Sweeten with Agave Nectar.
I served the milk in a small bowl of mixed berries and pecan milk.  
If the milk is too weak add more pecans.  
If it is too thick add more water.

I got this recipe here: http://www.squidoo.com/pecanmilk .
I just found this ible, as soon as I post this comment I am heading to the kitchen to start my nuts soaking!!!<br>I was looking for almond milk recipes. &amp; came across this. I also have a couple of pecan trees, &amp; never thought of making 'pecan milk'. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, I can't wait to drink my first batch !!!!!
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My boyfriend is allergic to nuts so we don't keep them in the house, but goodness do I miss them. This looks so good, and I envy your pecan tree!
Thanks jessyratfink! I have a very dear friend that was sick for 2 months until the doctor discovered she had a nut allergy. I have known 3 people in my life that have had this. It is a serious illness and companies are finally adding the information about their food processing on the labels. I absolutely love pecans. Thanks for commenting! Sunshiine

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