Introduction: How to Make Removable Ruffles for Your Shoes

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DIY ~ Blue Ruffle Shoes ~
Removable ruffles for your sandals
heels, flats, wedges, pumps, stilettos!

for the original DIY how-to ..follow this link

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Ayushi Sharma (author)2014-07-31

looks awesome..:)

nalaqueenofthejungle (author)2010-11-17

How did you attach the ribbon to the show to make it removable?
Very cute btw.

I'd sew a loop at the 'top' to slide a strap through. Not sure what she did on the bottom...

susanchen2011 (author)2012-07-07

wow. That is a good idea.

iammsno (author)2012-05-15

That is really nice, I'm not a frilly person but I'd wear those.

Funkytime (author)2011-05-03

soooo cute, i will buy fabric now!!! I did a shoe makeover too. you can see it here:

jarrelb (author)2011-03-31

to hide such beautiful feet behind such ruffle is so bails-es. no the less i admire ur effort. Such feet!! mercy!

shtukaturkasten (author)2011-03-28


twiggin (author)2010-10-07

I love this look and the attach/detach feature is terrific. But I have 2 questions:

1. Just how are you attaching the ribbons to the strappy sandals?

2. I'm also wondering how the ruffle might attach to shoes which are not
open-toe. Any thoughts on this?

gover57 (author)2009-08-05

now THOSE are some sexy legs!!!! nice instructable too!

heymissmurder13 (author)gover572010-02-09

haha hell yea

Amen to that! ;)

heymissmurder13 (author)2010-02-09


brunoip (author)2009-07-26

great Instructable

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