This is an easy way to make cool rubber band bracelets without a loom! These are fishtail bracelets that ill be making.

Step 1: Your Material

All you need to make these bracelets are: 40 rubber bands, (20 of each color,) an S or C hook, and your fingers.
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Rocking aj what were you havering trouble with?
<p>i made it.</p>
<p>hey guys i cant understand</p>
<p>you should check out my bracelet I made it is called how to make a waterfall bracelet on the loom rectangle loom</p>
<p>i mad it.</p>
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Ya either way is great i found it way easier to make it on my fingers though. I you do a couple it should start lookin better
I think its much easier with the loom kit. 'Cause I have it and I tried to make the fishtail bracelet your way and it did not come out well. I looked more like a zipper pattern bracelet I make with liner.
Awesome 'ible dude!
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