How to Make Satin Ribbon Hair Flowers




Introduction: How to Make Satin Ribbon Hair Flowers

Don't throw away those satin double ribbon scraps. Turn them into pretty hair flowers.

Step 1: Use 1.5" Double Ruffle Ribbon Scraps.

Step 2: Cut Out the Sharp Edges

So it looks like a petal. Heat seal all ends. A tab of glue (I use fabric-tac which can be found in craft stores) on one end.

Step 3: Fold the End With Glue. We Got a Petal

We got a petal

Step 4: We Need

6 petals and a 12mm Acrylic Rhinestone.

Step 5: Glue 2 Petals Together.

Step 6: 3rd Petal

Step 7: 4th Petal

Step 8: 5th Petal

Step 9: Last One

Step 10: Glue Stone in Center

Step 11: Done

Step 12: Tips--How to Seal Ribbon Ends

For a small project like this, the best way is to use lighter. Hold the lighter steady, take the ribbon end near flame and move.

For other methods to seal ribbon ends, please see our free tutorial here.

Step 13: Supplies

Double ruffle ribbon cannot be found at local store. Google it online :)

Or use double face satin ribbon instead of double ruffle satin ribbon.



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