How to Make Saving Box for Kids




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Introduction: How to Make Saving Box for Kids

Creative idea in making saving Box with classical and interesting words as Cover

Step 1: Creative Idea in Making Saving Box With Classical and Interesting Words As Cover

Step 2: Cut the Paper Pipe Garbage Into Part of Small Tube

There are so many Grabage of Paper Pipe in Printing industrial. We can use it into more valuable thing. First time Cut The Paper Pipe Garbage Into Part Of Small Tube.

Step 3: Make Cover Tube

In Order to make both up down of tube Covered. We make cirlcles from paperboard or another things which can joined into one with glue

Step 4: Prepare Interesting Picture and Word Using Corel Draw/Photoshop or Another Image Editor

To make more interesting look in our saving Box. We design or edit picture with computer and then print in into a paper which used to apllied in the tube



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    This look really cool! What are you using your saving box for?

    1 reply

    We use this box to saving coin pennies. We hopes that our children can learn to save money.