How to Make Silly Putty





Introduction: How to Make Silly Putty

Humorous video showing you how to make silly putty at home!



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    How to Make Silly Putty

    easy written instructions to make mess free silly putty!

    The last thing we need is angry silly putty wielding simians bent on world domination. I for one will welcome our new masters with copious amounts of homemade silly putty!

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    this vid is very weird but it actuly can show you how to make silly puddy

    Hahaha, cute and funny leetle vedio (Ha, ya see what I did there, I made a sad attempt at at joke mocking the accent in the video).....

    Moving on.....Yes, very good video, pretty self explanatory instructions too, if you can get past all the crazy colors and effects and the fact that a scary gorrilla man thingy is teaching us.

    i just watched your video. I have completed everything on my list and am now ready to die... thank you


    dats a 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 minus thirdy...TWO! that makes two \ / !

    THAT WAS HILARIOUS its so funny i made a folder in my favorites for it!!!!!! reminds me of my best friend (really REALLY funny!!)