How to Make Simple Stacking Plates for Design




Introduction: How to Make Simple Stacking Plates for Design

I needed to figure something out for my mom because she design one wall of the house and dose not have anything to put things on to raise them in the back so I thought of these.

Step 1: The First Cylinder

Make the first Cylinder radius of 7.5 cm and a height of 5 cm

Step 2: The Inside Bit

now make another Cylinder with a radius of 7 cm and a height of 5 cm

Step 3: Placement

Set both cylinders to 0,0,0. Now they should be inside each other.

Step 4: Copy

first copy the middle and make a copy. Then move the copy out of the way. 

Step 5: Boolean

Select the biggest cylinder then go to compound objects and select Boolean and subtract the one in the middle. When you are done you will have a ring. 

Step 6: Filling the Space

now select the copy and set it to 0,0,0. It should fill the space perfectly.

Step 7: Raising It

click on the center cylinder and raise it up 1 cm

Step 8: Now Putting Them Together

click on one of the cylinders and then go to the Boolean tool again but this time you will want to union them together. and now you have a 3D model of simple stacking blocks.



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    nice, simple technique for creating these. what do you plan to make these out of?