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You will need 1. Candles,(birthday candles,tlights,partylights) or any type of candle or, pariffen wax. 2.olive oil,canola oil,veggie oil,or cooking oil. 3.butter,or margarine,you could also use Vaseline. 4. A mold (a plastic Rubbermaid container,a muffin tin,a silicone mold) 5.a stir stick or somthing to stir it with. 6.a oven,a coke can,or a tin can.
<p>do I have to use candles</p>
<p>Yeah, but there are alternative ways to get candles, for example the Goodwill has cheap, large candle ranging from 50 cents to 2 dollars.</p>
It takes longer than 10 minutes
<p>it works with emergency 4 inch candles form the dollar store</p>
How much olive oil and butter do you use?
<p>its optional</p>
How much do u sell them

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