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Introduction: How to Make Smoking Pumkin

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Hi Guys
Today i show you a simple Trick for create a beatiful Smoke for Halloween!
You need only few component to make:


-Screw or Nail

-Aluminum Cup

Watch This video if you want Look the awesome effect:

Pumpkin Challenge

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Pumpkin Challenge

Step 1: Carving!

The first step is to carve Your Pumpkin, i choose a simple Style to make my Jack o' Lantern :)

First draw your style and use a good knife to carve, be careful to not cut yourself!

Step 2: Prepare the Candle

Now you only set your candle inside of the Pumkin and position your screw for the aluminum cup

Step 3: Add the Glycerin

Now You only Light your Candle and set the aluminum Cup!
Add some Glycerin inside of the Cup and wait!

after few second the Glycerin start to Smoke!

Step 4: Close and Enjoy!

Close the pumkin and Your Special jack o lanter ìis Finish!



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    Molto bella, forse si potrebbe fare anche scuola :)

    This is an excellent idea for making a smoking pumpkin! Very simple, but completely effective. Glad you shared this!