Make Snagless Sinkers for Drift Fishing





Introduction: Make Snagless Sinkers for Drift Fishing

Drift fishing is a popular catfishing technique for fishing for blue catfish and channel catfish and can be a very productive approach to catching fish at times. There are a variety of catfish rigs that can be used for drift fishing and many anglers use a standard egg sinker or sliding sinker for these rigs, which often results in getting snagged or hung up and losing fishing tackle.

One approach to minimizing the hang ups that you have when drift fishing is to use a snagless or snag free sinker on your rigging. These have been proven to greatly reduce the number of hangups and lost fishing tackle.

There are several different manufacturers that sell snagless or snag free sinkers for fishing but they are very expensive and some versions can cost as much as a dollar or two each. 

In this video we walk you throw how to make snagless drift fishing sinkers quickly and easily that will save you a TON of money over the store bought versions.



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I like it, might try shrink tubing too.