How to Make Soda Tab Earrings





Introduction: How to Make Soda Tab Earrings

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What you will need- •scissors •duct tape •8 soda tabs •2 earring hooks

Step 1:

Start With Four Soda Tabs And Take The Smooth Side Without The Indentation And Bend It A Little Over.

Step 2:

Cut one the left of the smooth side.

Step 3:

Now it's time to get out the duct tape. Pick out your favorite duct tape. Take two the soda tabs and on the bottom of the tab wrap it with duct tape. An then take another soda tab, open it up and place it around the two connected

Step 4:

Then take the last soda tab flip it around and connect it to the two soda tabs on top

Step 5:

Last but the most important part is the earring hook, attach it to the top tab with duct tape and just do that again for the other ear and there u have it you very own home made, soda tab earrings!!!!!!



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    Thank you i love your ideas too<3

    cute. I can make earrings out of clay and beads but I would have never thought of this. I love these. thanks for the brilliant idea.

    Cool thanks

    Nice project!

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    This is so cre8ive! :-)

    Thx so much I think your shadow is awesome to;))

    Wow, this is really cool! I make soda tab jewelry too!!! P.S. I think ur really pretty!!! :{)

    Who likes it??

    Hope you enjoyed making them