I just had this idea one day in a workshop, so i did it.
turned out awesomely. thought to myself, i should put this on instructables. so i have.

It took me a few goes to get this right, but then again, i believe i was the first to do this.

Pretty much the title says it all. Make a peice of shiny solder into a basic shape. I made mine a heart becuase it was basic and easy and i have a crush, so i'll probably give it to her. Nothing stopping me making a few more though, hehehe....

As an extra feature, i gave them a clip. and it really helps.

(depending on how you fancy your soldering skills (im pretty bad) you may want to get some help.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- Soldering iron and Solder (whatever size you want, didn't effect mine)
- some wood (i suggest a thick ish plank, i dont use mm and stuff, but mine wasnt just a log, you need a plank, relatively thick)
- a stanley knife (with blade, that helps, a lot.)
- some wire, a decent length that should fit around your neck. Mine wasnt really long.
- Those two things in the pictures. i have no idea what they are called. i just found em and used em.
- you may need a presicion phlat head screwdriver, or just use the knife.
One very wierd idea O.O
Oh great, 60Sn/40Pb lead around my neck. Fun idea. Try using lead-free if you do this for safety sake.
No Offence mate, but i dont believe it emits lead filled gas while solid.
kind of wtf instructable, isn't it? love from argentina
yea i had no real idea what i was doing. And thanks for the ideas lemonie. I just used wood because it was the only thing around, and it was a spare of the moment thing. You can use other substances instead of wood, its all up to you.
i like your attitude
In a good way?
I like the use of spade connectors! As I've got a lot of lead I'm planning to cast at some point, try making moulds out of plaster or similar, you can get better details than wood. Heat the metal on a stove in a steel food-can. L

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