How To Make Song Covers On YouTube - What You Need

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Ok, first, you need a video editor to edit everything (for Windows, I recommend Windows Movie Maker), whether you want to make a music video or just point the camera at you while you're singing it. Next, you need an Ipod or any other music playing device, like an MP3 player or smart phone that has the song you want to sing, then put on some headphones and plug them into the device that has the song. That will help you sing with the music to make sure you don't go ahead or behind the song. Now you need a decent camcorder or smartphone to record the video. 720p is the minimum to record with, if it is not HD, most people won't listen to your cover. But full HD, 1080p is recommended. A good singing voice is also needed! Now, you can use the camera's microphone or get a better quality one.

Once you have all that, lets begin...
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Step 1: Step 1

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Take the camera and point it at you, put on the headphones and start the song. Start MOUTHING the words that you want to sing, don't actually sing it.

Step 2: Step 2

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Now take that better quality microphone or the camera's microphone (if you use the camera's mic, use an online video conversion service to convert the video file to audio to edit it later on top of your first video of when you mouthed the lyrics), and start to ACTUALLY sing the song this time.

Step 3: Step 3

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Now you should have a video of you mouthing the lyrics which you want people to see, a video or mp3 of you actually singing, and the original song without vocals. If you have a video of you singing, just convert it to an audio format later.

Step 4: Step 4

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Now take the video of you mouthing the lyrics in the editor and add the audio file of you singing it. Now line them up so you look like your singing.

AndréR51 month ago

How can you say that a good video editor for windows is windows movie maker? For God's sake, adobe premiere pro or sony vegas are my favourite but there are other much better than movie maker!!

NW220519994 months ago

This is the cheapest version of creating a cover. Recording with a Smart-Phone or a WEBCAM?! Not in a million years!!! If you want to create a cover... you need special equipment... you can't just use a webcam or a stupid smart-phone... here is a link to my microphone: http://www.ebay.com/itm/M-Audio-Vocal-Studio-Pro-Tools-Express-M-Track-Home-Recording-Mic-Headphones-/251637943680?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a96ca4d80 +
(Some people need a pop-shield). Also get a blancet or something you can hang behind you to prevent echos. If you use a webcam-microphone or a smart-phone it will sound like you torture someone. If you don't have the money to buy the equipment, borrow it from someone else or safe your money. If you don't want to safe your money up or you think you "can't" don't even start making covers. If you think it's not worth the money then just stop. If you want to know a little more just send me a mail: wolf.nico99@gmx.de
(btw... this is my spam mail but I will text you back)
Sorry for being rude at the beginning.
My english is not perfect. I apologize for my spelling.

zERiRu_4 months ago

wo0ow sounds really complicated.

Don't even have a microphone yet and am planning to make a Vocaloid song cover hahahahhaha I'm so pathetic.



I can still send you the audio and video right? Sorry :/ not smart.
Can I still send it to you? I'm a little slow. xD
anika.ervin6 months ago

This actually helped me a lot! And I'm will sure be sending you my videos for editing because I'm a complete blonde! Thanks again!!

SKlomrod7 months ago

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DenyaDelgado77 months ago
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Is it possible to make a music cover in a android phone?
Thanks! I've been thinking about uploading some of this stuff, you can check me out on the channel baybee12345ful singing when I was your man!
TrivisionGaming (author) 2 years ago
Sorry Callyfornia, but I didn't design the photo. But you can easily edit pictures online with www.ipiccy.com
Callyfornia2 years ago
Off topic, but can you do an ible on how to make that style of Photo?