Learn how to make the ultimate favorite snack of Hawai'i, Spam Musubi.

Ever since i was little i remember my mom, grandma, and aunty always used to make me this for snack after school.  Ask any person from Hawai'i and they will tell you how important the spam musubi is in the lifestyle of Hawai'i.  I always tell friends that visit they have to try it because you haven't experienced Hawai'i if you haven't tried a spam musubi.

In this instructable i will show you how to make the four most popular varieties of this popular snack.

1. Regular Spam Musubi
2. Teriyaki Spam Musubi
3. Spam and Egg Musubi
4. Spam and Furikake Musubi

So, i hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients

What you will need...

3 cups cooked white sticky rice
1 package of nori(seaweed) sheets (7.5" x 8")
1 can of spam (doesn't matter what kind you choose)
1 bottle furikake (japanese rice seasoning)
1 egg (to be scrambled)

Teriyaki Sauce:
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp mirin

You can find all of these ingredients at the nearest grocery store in the Asian section or go to your local Asian Market. I'd prefer the latter because you are guaranteed to find everything.

<p>Great recipe. I use Tony's Creole seasoning and Jalapeno Spam. Mmmmmmm. </p>
Spam is one of the least healthiest &quot;foodstuffs&quot; you can pack into your gullet. I'd replace it with something made of non-gmo soy.
spam is not bad for you. <br> <br>http://www.spam.com/spam-101/what-is-spam-classic
False, it is VERY bad for you. One of the primary ingredients, to start off with, is salt. It is LOADED with sodium (salt). Then there's the potato starch, a rather high concentration of it, which is also bad for you. Starches don't break down in the human body very well, they convert to sugars and then into fat. That fat then sits and stores in your body as fat cells, rather than flushing out of the body. Next is sugar. While not all sugar is bad, nowhere do they specify what kind of sugar, and if you've ever tasted SPAM, you'd know it's refined (white) sugar, which is not healthy at all. It does the same that starches do, only it's already in sugar form. Oh heck, here, I'll just leave you with this: http://www.naturalnews.com/sodium_nitrite.html (sodium Nitrite is the next ingredient on the list in SPAM, but the articles on the link are a big eye-opener)
salt is not bad for you. some people have a genetic predisposition for salt related diseases. everyone else can eat a pound of salt every day and be just fine. <br>starch is one of the three portions that constitute a complete meal: a protein, a starch, and a veggie/fruit. you need it to live. yeah, if you eat too much fat without exercise, you will get fat, but starch is not inherently bad. <br>refined sugar and raw sugar are almost exactly the same. the only difference is that refined sugar is, literally, nothing but pure sugar. it's white because pure sugar is white. <br>i've heard just as much good about sodium nitrite as bad. give me an actual laboratory study, not some website catering to people who think everything a human being has touched is inherently bad for your body and damages your soul.
<p>No one said salt was bad, but eating it in high concentrations is definitely terrible for your health. <br><br>http://www.fda.gov/Food/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/ucm315393.htm</p>
<p>again, it's only bad for you if you already have a genetic predisposition for it. otherwise, your body can deal with a teaspoon just as easily as a handful.</p>
<p>Ya know, they make Spam Lite! I also like the fact they got rid of most of the gelatin.</p>
Looks Deelish!! <br>I thought the egg was pineapple at first glance, which gave me the idea to use pineapple. <br>Maybe with a little brown sugar sprinkled on top? I love that combo. <br>Never had this, will definitely try, thanks :-)
Musubi is da bomb! Pretty great recipe too, just like aunty's!
Great! Thanks! <br>Next time my children are coming I'll surprise them with this beautiful dish!
If you want to add more Oriental depth to the flavor of the sauce, you can add some grated fresh ginger root, and a tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds. That kind of terri-sauce will do you well for grilled chicken, burgers, and Spam that's fried-up so that it becomes like bacon.
I've always added sugar and rice vinegar to the rice. This is the first recipe where it's not done. It holds the rice together and adds a vinegar bite.
We love this stuff, have been eating it for years. We like to add avocado or pineapple.
Thank you for the Instructable! My favorite lunchable! I love Spam! I love Musubi! I add some corn starch to my teriyaki sauce to give it some body. It works great to use as glue to close the nori. I just tried a can of Spam Bacon Flavor. It isn't really very bacony. It's not bad but it could taste more like bacon!
Thank you for sharing this great instructable! <br> <br>I tend to be a lazy cook and I found that if I line my musubi maker with the the nori on the inside, rather than laying down flat, then I layer my ingredients, fold the nori flaps over the top and then use the compressor, my musubi slides out easier...easy peasy. Rice still makes a sticky mess but oh so ono! <br> <br>Summer Obon festivals are here, I look forward to eating handcrafted musubi! Yum! <br> <br>Thank you again for such a delicious post!
i love eating the uso food in Vegas we got mad Hawaiians there
I jus go 7 eleven. One dollah half I got.
I go to foodland haha or up country store on maui
well i stock up when i go to the farmers market but i still keep a few cans of spam as a back up
you must be from the islands! I would be so happy if we have musubi at 7-11's here in CA
I read this yesterday, went out and bought what I needed, and made them last night for lunch today! My wife and 8-yr-old love them and next time we'll maybe use hot dogs, just for a change. BTW, I used the can as a mold and it worked great! Excellent Instructable!
Hawaii SPAM musubis represent!! Yeah ;) Haha.. Lovin' this tutorial!
Cool idea!
I love you for posting this. This is one of my favorite things to make, and when I started working here at Instructables, I VOWED that this was going to be my first project to post, and of course, i never did it. So I love that this was your first!<br /><br />mmmmm, i think im gonna go home and musubi myself tonight!<br /><br />Before I had a musubi press, i used to use the actual spam can, but that was always sketchy with the sharp edges
thank you so much! this was actually a project for one of my college design classes, so i'm glad someone like you who works for this site approves of it.
oh, I TOTALLY approve. When I visit my family in Hawaii, I always hit up 7-11 for some musubi on the go. I'm sad that we don't have them out here in CA, however I feel that if we did, it just wouldn't be the same.<br /><br />
I don't have a musubi press, what else could I use?<br><br>on another note, I fell in love with these when I lived in Hawai'i. I used to either make them early in the morning or pick them up from 7-11 on my way to the beach every weekend.
you could actually use the spam can.<br><br>here's a video i found online:<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNL5YTsEJno<br><br>but yes, 7-11 has some of the best musubis.
Great stuff. I don't live in Hawaii but my mom did and she used to make these for us sometimes. I introduced my wife to mushubi but she will only eat it if it's made with korean bbq chicken instead of spam.
thank you, and you can use any kind of meat. i've actually had a korean bbq chicken musubi and loved it.

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