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Spicy Roasted Chickpeas are the perfect snack for times when you are on the go and an amazing healthy alternative to the fatty potato chips. These may be a bit spicy if you have a low tolerance to spicy foods, but feel free to omit the chili powder for a milder spice. These also can be made sweet for those who would like to satisfy their sweet tooth in a healthy way. If you would like to a recipe for sweet recipe, leave me a comment below letting me know that is something you would like to see. If you have recipe you would like to see me make, let me know in the comments below. Let me know of what you think of this recipe on via twitter or instagram(@vegetarianbaker & #thevegetarianbaker)

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  • Chickpeas | 2 Cups, Rinsed and Drained
  • Olive Oil | 2 Tablespoons
  • Sea Salt | 1 teaspoon
  • Cumin | 1 teaspoon
  • Garlic Powder | 1 teaspoon
  • Chili Powder | 1 teaspoon


  1. Preheat oven to 400*F.
  2. Place the rinsed & drained chickpeas onto a parchment lined sheet tray. Pat dry with paper towel.
  3. Place the chickpeas into the preheated oven for 20 minutes.
  4. Remove from oven and add the olive oil & spices to the chickpeas. Make sure to distribute the flavor evenly.
  5. Place the chickpeas back into the oven for another 15-20 minutes. They should be nice and crispy.
  6. Allow to cool slightly or completely before enjoying.


morganhillchris (author)2016-08-28

This recipe is wonderfully clear, thanks for posting it! I'm going to try it when I cook up my next batch of chickpeas.

Prettychef (author)2015-08-25

No bad! I want to try! thanks for sharing

You are very welcome ;)

EmillyBint (author)2015-08-28

Oh.. I so love chickpeas! I don't like spicy stuff, though. I love to add garlic powder and eat them with a bit of sour cream.

Sounds delicious :)

lolat7 (author)2015-08-28

I will surely try this; always looking for new ways to eat OUR veggies and some say I can put anything together and make it taste like something delicious, until I tell them what it is; I like eating healthy; so I give this an awesome review!

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

ThisIsMyNameOK (author)2015-08-18

I saw that you said these might be too spicy for some people, then I looked at the ingredients and saw 1 tsp of chilli powder. LOL, that is no where near enough. I would use at least 2 tsp, plus a good pinch (or two) of cayenne, some freshly ground black pepper.... I'm starting to get hungry.

I was literally just looking in the cupboard for something to eat and saw a can of chick peas and thought "I should make something with those". I can't put the oven on right now, we're in the middle of a heat wave, so I think I will save them for later and give this a try. Thanks for the recipe.

Some people have a low tolerance to spice. I like mine very spicy as well :)

Yes, that would be the rest of my family. I have to add extra spice after cooking for myself. I guess my taste buds aren't as sensitive as theirs.

Thanks for the recipe. I'll be trying it soon. =)

jeane.d.allison (author)2015-08-20

OMG! I've got two cans of chickpeas and will get busy on this right now! Looks so good. Can't wait to see if they get crunchy.

Woohoo. Let me know how it is.

seamster (author)2015-08-18

These look excellent, thanks for the recipe!

Thank you so much :)

Rco87 (author)2015-08-18

Awesome! Do you recommend removing the skins?

thevegetarianbaker (author)Rco872015-08-19

I think it's up to you. I have tried it with both and they are delicious. The canned ones seem to be simple and easy, but if you would prefer fresh, it's your decision.

AnnU1 (author)2015-08-18

Thanks for sharing. How about Cinn?

thevegetarianbaker (author)AnnU12015-08-19

Cinnamon is what Im thinking of making one of the flavors for the sweet ones :)

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