How to Make Spinner Top Toy From DC Motor


Introduction: How to Make Spinner Top Toy From DC Motor

Make Spinning Top Toy From Recycled DC Motor, As Always Its Very Cheap , Easy And Fun To Make .

Step 1: What You Will Need :

DC Motor

Screw Driver

Step 2: How to Make It :

Step 3: I Will Do a Q&A Video :

If You Have Any Question even If Its A Dump Question Ask It In Comments :)

Step 4: Support Me & How to Contact :

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    The first picture incorrectly depicts the project.

    3 replies

    What is The problem with it please let me know it ?

    The picture of top shown is not the one you finally created.

    yea I got it right now , but if I putted the picture of the coil people didn't get what I mean easily . thanks for your comment

    I can't view the video.