How To Make Stuffed Crust Pizza

video How To Make Stuffed Crust Pizza
Here's how to transform my basic bread dough recipe into a delicious stuffed crust pizza.

You'll find the recipe for the dough here:
sjohnson453 years ago
Oh my goodness, The ham rolled up with cheese in the crust sounds AMAZING right about now -drools- Sorry about that.
tomashick5 years ago
don't mind me, I'm to busy to drooling all over my keyboard now. This is actually the greatest idea I've heard lately!
Yummy yummy in my tummy (hopefully later).
Whoa... I saw your comment and was like "GorillazMiko is back!" but then I saw the date and was like "Aww... GorillazMiko isn't back :("
mg0930mg kcls5 years ago
^ this.
kcls kcls5 years ago
Oh, and nice instructable!
wilwrk4tls5 years ago
The video has been removed : (
Atomic Shrimp (author)  wilwrk4tls5 years ago
I have replaced the video - should work now
csmiler6 years ago
Mmmmmm.......cant wait to make this!
When I worked at pizza hut they used string cheese
Atomic Shrimp (author)  prometheus90007 years ago
Thanks for mentioning this - it confirmed a suspicion I had about their cheesy bites pizzas - I was eating one cold and pulled apart the cheese and it did seem exactly like a section of cheese strings.
....I only see a link to another instructable.
Atomic Shrimp (author)  aliceownsj007 years ago
Yeah, something went weird with the site for a while - seems to be OK now though...
Babyshoes7 years ago
I didn't realise it was that simple! Next time we make pizza it will have to be stuffed crust!