How To Make Subwoofer

video How To Make Subwoofer
In This video am gonna show you how to make subwoofer !
My way is simplest becouse i use my old subwoofer box and amp.
So how to make subwoofer?
Simple ! I will show in 3 steps . Step 1. Case the volume controler in box ( i have it becouse it came with sub work's like amp brains) Step 2. Prepare amp just screw it to box. Step 3. Soder speaker and screaw it in place just so simple!
Enjoy and good luck!

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ibwebb2 years ago
I mean no disrespect, BUT shouldn't this be titled "How to Install a Subwoofer? I had thought from the title that you were going to show us how to make the actual subwoofer, not installing already owned ones into a vehicle already set up for you to have it. If you take my suggestion; (changing your title) then I think you should go through this in more detail and more pics if you have any.