Introduction: How to Make Super Duper Easy Slushie

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Hi today I'm making a super duper easy Slushie out of Kool aid,tell me your Kool aid flavor that you would make it with in the comment section

Step 1: What Do We Need

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We need

1 big ziplock
1 Sandwich sized ziplock
2 Kool aid Flavours of your choice
1 pair of scissors
Sea salt
A cup or Glass

Step 2: Snipping

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Snip the Kool aid from the corner

Step 3: Filling the Ziplock

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Fill the Sandwich size with The Kool aid fill it with all of it or else it will be really less actually put 2,I put one and it was really little

Step 4: Salt and Ice

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Take the other bigger ziplock and fill it with Salt the fill it with ice

Step 5: Shaking

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Now put the little Kool aid bag inside the ice bag and Shake it for like 10-15 minutes

Step 6: Look

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Then it will look like that

Step 7: Ta Da

You are done tell me your Kool aid flavor that you would make it with in the comment section Vote,Like,Comment and follow


Coolloom (author)2016-04-16

1000+ views

Coolloom (author)2015-09-28

800 hundred

Coolloom (author)2015-08-21

Thx for 600 Views

treesquatch (author)2015-08-17

Grape or watermelon

Coolloom (author)treesquatch 2015-08-18

Me too Kool aid is so awesome

Coolloom (author)2015-08-17

I would like water melon

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