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Hey Instructablers! In this "ibile" we are going to be making cool pop color photos. Their are many applications on the internet to download for free that work well. In this instructable I will be using a program called iSplash. This program is around 2 bucks on the Mac App Store. If  you use Windows there here are several options that are probably much better than the program that I used. And free!!! These are just a few that I have found. (I have not tested them) All are free. I found them at this site http://en.softonic.com/s/pop-colors-photo Hope you have luck!!
-Studio Line Basic 
-Aurora Photo Editor 
-PhotoKit Color

Step 1: Upload Picture

Picture of Upload Picture
Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 9.53.09 PM.png
Open up your choice photo editing software and find a button or tool that says upload. It should take you straight to a your picture library. If not then you can find the picture that you want and drag and drop it in the editing area. Make sure that your picture is ideal for  popping out the colors. You want the camera focused on something that is bright. Like sparkly eyes or a bright yellow flower. Now on to the photo editing process!
cool, do you still have the original pic to show us?
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nope i replaced it with this picture sorry