Introduction: How to Make the 4x4 Pump Minigun

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Step 1: Materials

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You'll need:
•Binder Paper
•Index Cards?
•Glue Stick

Step 2: 4x4 Tubes

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Get 2 sheets of binder paper, cut them in half and roll them up with the glue, and tape.

Step 3: Tape It

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Tape all the tubes like this

Step 4: The Wrap

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Get another piece of binder paper and wrap it around the tubes then tape it

Step 5: The Handles

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Get an index card and cut it in half, and connect it to the gun, do the same thing and connect it in the pics

Step 6: Scope

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Put a scope in the middle

Step 7: ?

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Cut out something like this and connect it to the gun

Step 8: Pump and Done

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Get 4 papers and roll em up tight and tape. Make the bullets for all the holes and pump.


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