Picture of How To Make The Albatross Paper Airplane
Fast, long range and equipped with landing gear, the Albatross is a small paper airplane with a wingspan of only 11.5 centimeters. The Albatross' size gives it excellent performance whilst staying small for easy flights indoors. I believe the Albatross is the smallest paper airplane with landing gear, (or at least the only one featured in an instructable) on

Although the Albatross is among the first "drones" I've designed with landing gear, it isn't the first. The first plane I designed with landing gear was the Tomahawk, which relied on its twin ventral vertical stabilizers as skids. Due to the vertical stabilizer/skids' direct relation to the horizontal stabilizers, the Tomahawk would constantly be thrown out of trim by using its landing gear. Since then, I have tried to incorporate landing gear into my drone designs, without hampering the performance of the aircraft it is to equip. The first drone to have conformal landing gear was the "-1G" variant of the popular Dragonfly paper airplane. The "-1G" was eventually used as a test platform for the Albatross, which was designed from the start to feature landing gear. As it turns out, the Albatross adopted the landing gear shape of the "-1G" itself.

Although few designs and concepts preceded it, the Albatross seems an effective drone paper airplane with landing gear. It is a design I am quite proud of it.

TAA USAF Designation: D148-1
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 Piece of 8 by 10.5 inch graph paper (4 boxes per inch)

ntucker23 years ago
do you really need a stapler,tape and a ruler
OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  ntucker23 years ago
Yes, they are all crucial in the construction of Albatross.
Do you have to use a stapler?
The Albatross does require a staple, so I believe a stapler is the only viable method of adding ballast. So yes, you would need a stapler.
Yahaira19843 years ago
It flies :D? I want to to one for my nephew :).
OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  Yahaira19843 years ago
Oh yes, it flies, very well in fact. It would bring lots of smiles I'm sure. :)

Could this have been the quickest response ever? :D 
Thank you :D!
Awesome :) ever thought about making printable templates?
I am glad you enjoyed it. Due to my lack of experience with templates, I have never really pursued them myself.