Step 5: Applying The Wing And Stapling

Now it is time for you to work with your wing. Cut it out along its lines as shown. Then apply the fuselage to the bottom of the wing with tape. Cut off any excess. Once the wing is in place, flip the airplane over, unfold the landing gear and add two staples to the front (over the counterweight fold).
do you really need a stapler,tape and a ruler
Yes, they are all crucial in the construction of <strong>Albatross</strong>.
Do you have to use a stapler?
The Albatross does require a staple, so I believe a stapler is the only viable method of adding ballast. So yes, you would need a stapler.
It flies :D? I want to to one for my nephew :).
Oh yes, it flies, very well in fact. It would bring lots of smiles I'm sure. :)<br> <br> <br> <br> <sub>Could this&nbsp;have been the quickest response ever? :D</sub>&nbsp;
Thank you :D!
Awesome :) ever thought about making printable templates?
I am glad you enjoyed it. Due to my lack of experience with templates, I have never really pursued them myself.

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