Picture of How To Make The BEST Light Saber Ever ?!!!
 One Day I Was Playing with my Cheap Laser Pointer and
there was a Glow Stick  so I Glued The Glue Stick With The Laser 
Pointer to make a Light Saber and it was AWESOME!!! 
It is so Easy To Make a one and the Best Part That The Light Saber is 
so Flexible and You can make Other one and Play With Your Friend!!!

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Step 1:

​ Materials :
Glue Stick
Cheap Laser Pointer
lighter or matches

Step 2: Let's Begin!

Picture of Let's Begin!
You Need to Will Glue The Glue Stick Like these

Step 3: Melt The Glue

Picture of Melt The Glue

Step 4: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!
Stick it in The Laser Pointer

Step 5: Testing!

Picture of Testing!
Wow!! It Works Great