Introduction: How to Make the Banshee Paper Airplane

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Fast, long range and featuring retractable landing gear, the Banshee is a very impressive paper airplane. The Banshee is a development of the Skyknight paper airplane interceptor.

TAA USAF Designation: A54-1

Step 1: Materials

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1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Length Folding

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Fold your paper in half length-wise. Proceed to do this again so the paper will be divided into 4 tall but skinny sections.

Step 3: Cover Folding

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From one of the two short sides, pull paper down from the corners to the opposite sides. Along the center of the X, pull the paper down so it overlaps over the other half of the X. Then tuck the fold.

Step 4: Wing Extension Folding

Picture of Wing Extension Folding

From the bottom of the cover fold to the edges of the rear of the paper, pull the paper out from on top of itself. Once one side is done, repeat on the other by folding it up while the airplane itself is folded in half. During this second step, the cover fold should be folded down away from the fuselage.

Step 5: Nose Folding

Picture of Nose Folding

Pull the nose down to the bottom of the cover fold. Then pull the two tips of the cover fold into the center as shown.

Step 6: Wing and Winglet Folding

Picture of Wing and Winglet Folding

From half an inch up from the center of the aircraft, fold each of the wings down. On the wing extensions, fold the the wingtips into the inside panels of the extension in a parallel lines.

Step 7: Landing Gear Folding

Picture of Landing Gear Folding

To make your retractable landing gear, fold the cover fold tips into the center onto the fuselage. Each side should then have retractable landing gear.

Step 8: Taping Your Banshee

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Tape your Banshee together at its front and back and across the wingroot just behind the front and just in front of the rear. Proceed to then take the wing extensions up to the main wing.

Step 9: Flight

Picture of Flight

Having a dart shape and retractable landing gear, the Banshee is capable of moderate-to-high speeds for a paper airplane. It is only at very low speeds that the Banshee's handling is somewhat rough and its stability diminished. To make your Banshee fly far fast, give it a good throw. Enjoy!


micimaus (author)2011-01-05

I have made seven of your airplanes; Lighting, Banshee, Super Hammerhead, Charger, Twin Shark, Ghost and Demon. This is my favourite. (Thats because it looks funnny when it shakes a little when flying and lands goodly)

Good to hear they are popular with the world. You may want to throw the Banshee faster if it is shaking in flight, as that is an indication it is near a stall. You may also enjoy the similar Skyknight and Eagle too. Enjoy!

Joshdaboss (author)2015-06-20

wow! This plane is boss!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) thanks

ThePaperAirplane (author)2015-04-09

hmm..... Banshee, Skyknight, Kingcobra, or Eagle?

The Skyknight is probably the fastest and longest range of that lot, however, you might want to look at newer aircraft like those of the Vulcan and UltraSabre families as well...

ThePaperAirplane (author)2015-03-23

What is an origami aviator? Please Reply!

paperairplanecreator (author)2011-04-22

Kinda reminds me of the ship from Star Fox!

Hmm....looking at a picture of that ship, the Banshee's "brother", the Skyknight (, seems to be even closer in looks to it.  :D 

It does! :D

be nice

ealavers (author)ldistroyfs2012-09-12

i think you are right

be nice

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