How to Make the Cube Eraser Puzzle





Introduction: How to Make the Cube Eraser Puzzle

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Step 1: Getting Ready

In the pictures I have numbered and set out the pieces as a help for you, because I know there are different colours for the pieces.

Step 2: Starting to Place

Put No. 2 into No. 1 like the picture shows. No. 2 should be facing upwards and No. 1 should be on a flat surface. Now, slot No. 3 into the area that the picture shows. It should be straight and fit into a hole.

Step 3: Putting on 5&6

Yes, I know what you're thinking, "What about 4?" Well, 4 is the roof! Now put in 5 like the picture, then six. It should fit.

Step 4: Putting on 4!!!

Now, there should be a hole that will easily slot in the last piece. Take care of the cube, because it can easily loose a piece. Thank you for reading this and you're welcome for me making this tutorial.



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    i used to have one of these


    Cheap shops or places like Big W.

    what is it and where can it be purchased?


    Hey guys let me know if there is something you don't get because I am here to help.