This slick little plane is super awesome! why do i say that? it's because :
1.It's super easy to make.
2.It doesn't require many tools.
3.it's free to build.
4.it's a Multi-role paper plane that do:
 a.flight of minimum range 20 feet.
 b.can do loop.
 c.can be a boomerang plane.
 d.can perform a low or high speed flights.

so why don't you make this plane and do some stunts!   To make it do loop and to make it a boomerang plane is at the last step.
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Paper Airplane Challenge 1

Step 1: Materials

-A piece of A4 paper 
-pen/pencil (i use pen)
-scissors (applicable surfaces for some stunts)

Step 2: Step 1 Nose Fold

Fold the paper in half.open the paper and fold the corners to the center crease.Then, pull the nose back to the point at which the corners folds end.

Step 3: Step 2 Advanced Fold

Fold the blunt nose down along the bottom of the corner fold.after that, pull the corners to the center crease again.

Step 4: Step 3 Wings and Winglets Fold

now, fold it in half along the center line.For the wings, measure from the rear 3/4 inch and 10/16 for the nose, optional:Tape it at where its shown.And for the winglets, fold 3/4 inch up.
After all of that finished...tape it at the nose and the rear.

Step 5: Throw It!

For the best speed and range flight, throw it at a fast speed throw at a neutral or positive altitude.

                                                                            hope you enjoy my instructables

Step 6: Stunts Preparations

First, before we make THE DAREDEVIL do some stunts, we gotta make a pair of elevators.
To make the elevators, fold down both of the wings.Then, measure 1/4 inch from the wing fold and 1 inch from the winglet crease (pic 1).After that, cut it 1/4 inch deep and you're done.

To make it a Boomerang plane:
-Put the plane on a flat surface.
-adjust the wing so the wings touched the flat surface as showed on the picture, but the winglets straight up (pic 3).
-To make it Boomerang to the right, raise the left elevator up less then 35 degrees.
-To make it Boomerang to the left, raise the right elevator up less then 35 degrees.
-Throw it at a positive altitude with a moderate speed throw.

To make it do loops:
-Make sure the wings are level and the winglets are straight up.
-Fold both of the elevators up at a 90 degrees angle (pic 2).
-Throw it at a neutral altitude with a moderate to fast speed throw.

*note:some practice may required.

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