Designed to supplant other miniature cruiser paper airplanes, the Dragon is a miniature paper airplane with long range capabilities. With a wingspan of just 4 inches, this airplane is quite small compared to others, but still has landing gear!

I began designing the Dragon after I realized the Ranger was the last miniature paper airplane I specifically designed as a cruiser since early August 2011. When I realized the even older Cardinal was the last cruiser with a wing shape that was not constant chord, I decided the Dragon would have to differ from the Ranger in that way as well.

Eventually I chose a tapered, high aspect ratio wing for its good glide characteristics and higher efficiency. In flight testing though, the wing showed it needed larger vertical surfaces to accommodate it. As a result, the Dragon adopted the large tail of the Super Tomahawk before it. It flew excellently and proved itself more than worthy of an instructable of its own--and here it is!

Some potential experiments possible with this airframe include:
•Glide ratio
•Weight and balance
•Hangtime versus other aircraft

TAA USAF Designation: D181-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8 by 10 inch graph paper
oops... *plane*
i just realized, this plane looks like a U-2 Dragonlady, and you named this pane the Dragon! :)
There are similarities, and the Dragon is perhaps reminiscent, but I will still be exploring the concept of a replica U-2 (I already have a MiG-21 instructable in progress...).
Thanks! i cant wait!!
it glides very smoothly, and it looks a lot like a U-2 Dragonlady! speaking of which, could you make a scale U-2? because that would be awesome!
I will look into the feasibility of a replica U-2. :)
Nice! I'm gonna make it. Just need to dig though my junk drawer to find my Exacto blade.

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