Picture of How To Make The HyperVulcan Paper Airplane
Fast, long range and simple, the HyperVulcan is a development of the Simple Vulcan paper airplane, meant to complement the more complex Turbo Vulcan and Super StratoVulcan paper airplanes.

As with the Simple Vulcan, the HyperVulcan was designed as a response to the warm reception the Super StratoVulcan received. The HyperVulcan's development period was short, as its configuration has almost full commonality with Simple Vulcan. Enough commonality between the original Vulcan and Simple Vulcan existed that I was able to convert a Simple Vulcan (which had been converted from a Vulcan) into the HyperVulcan prototype. Flight testing showed the aircraft to have docile handing and performance similar to that of the Turbo Vulcan. Because the HyperVulcan showed promise as a simpler alternative to that airplane, it was allotted a slot for publication.

TAA USAF Designation: F292-9

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Scissors (additional surfaces only)
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