Introduction: How to Make the Infinity Loom Bracelet

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Welcome, here I'm gonna show you how to make the infinity loom bracelet!

Hope you like it and please give it a ♥! Goodluck and have fun making it :D

Step 1: Materials:

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For this bracelet you will need:

•A loom

•A crochet or rainbow loom hook

•About 34 looms for the side color and 10 looms for the infinities (44 total)

•A C or S clip

Step 2: Starting the Placing

Picture of Starting the Placing

Step 3: Finishing the Placing

Picture of Finishing the Placing

Step 4: Starting the Looming

Picture of Starting the Looming

do normal looming all the way up :)

Step 5: Finishing the Looming

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Finish looming till' the end and finaly, make a slipknot. :D

Step 6: Taking It Off

Picture of Taking It Off

Step 7: Extension

Picture of Extension

Just place/loom the extension (use the bracelet's capband as the capband) get your S/C clipand finish it up.

Step 8: Finished :D

Picture of Finished :D

Now your bracelet is done! Hope you liked the tutorial and as I said earlier please give it a ♥! Thank you! :D


HannaJ1 (author)2015-02-22

can u show how to make it without loom

mina.anwar.790 (author)2014-12-21

Thank you so much for helping me make these bracelets..... i was unable to make it for so many days, even YouTube didn't help me to make it correctly . once again, thank u so much <3 :) ;)

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-17

It turned so pretty! Thanks for sharing your awesome process!

Thank you! :D

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