Introduction: How to Make the Kingfisher Paper Airplane

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The Kingfisher is a glider paper airplane with a medium speed and range.

TAA USAF Designation: A7-1

Step 1: Materials

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1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Width Fold

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Begin by folding your paper in half along its width. Then fold it along its center.

Step 3: Corner Fold

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Fold one corner to the center and repeat. Then open.

Step 4: Pull Fold

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Pull the nose to the rear of the aircraft.

Step 5: Preparation for the Security Fold

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Pull the outer parts of the paper into the center. Then clean the fold along the wing's span. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6: Security Fold

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Pull the isosceles triangle up along the center line over the front of the aircraft. Then fold in half.

Step 7: Fold the Wings

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Fold the wing along the top of the security fold. Repeat on the other side. Now open. 

Step 8: Tape and Finishing Touches

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Tape the Kingfisher together in the cited places. At this point you can also take a pencil to the large wings and fuselage. Decorations and roundels can make your Kingfisher look like the flier of the next century.

Step 9: Flight

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Your Kingfisher is now ready to takeoff and fly high. Enjoy! 


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