Introduction: How to Make the Mega Ring

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As a loyal Pokemon fan, you can bet I was one of the few people who got there game on the date. What interested me most, was Mega Evolution! And the source? The Mega Ring. So I decided to make my own and show you too.

Step 1: The Requirements

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- Some Modeling Clay. Self harden, Baking or Regular Clay.

- A Picture of the Mega Ring (not pictured)

- A Marble.

- Must be Permitted by Gym Leader Korrina! Just kidding

Step 2: Forging

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Get your clay and mold it into a fat sausage like shape. Fig. 1.

Mold the edges thinner. Making sure you can remove it out of your hand. Fig. 2

Note: though I specified any type of clay, it's best to use regular Clay. Why? Because if you use Oven Bake or Self Harden, it would require you to make it big. And that would mean making it bigger than your actual arm's width.

Step 3: Adding the Mega Stone

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This is the most important and sacred part, so PAY ATTENTION!

Get your marble and jam it into the large part of your Mega Ring. Fig. 1

After putting in the Stone. Mold it into the Ring so it won't fall of. Fig. 2

Step 4: Done!

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Now my Apprentice, you are done forging your own Mega Ring. Now, all you have to do is find your Pokemon's Mega Ring between the time of 8:00pm - 9:00pm. Good Luck


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Bio: I am a big video gamer, and I love creating things out of anything usable
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