Picture of How To Make The NK DoubleDart Paper Airplane
Thank you for taking a look at the NK DoubleDart paper airplane!

The NK DoubleDart paper airplane has a special "doubled-over' design effect on the front, which not only adds an interesting aesthetic characteristic but also adds a more streamlined shape for the wings. This allows the craft to have a more smooth and accurate flight.

Following are the steps to build the airplane.
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Step 1: Paper

Picture of Paper
To build this airplane you will only need one piece of paper.

Step 2: Folds 1-5

Picture of Folds 1-5
Take your paper and set in landscape (sideways) format. Next, fold it in half "hamburger style" (shortways). Next, fold the top corners down to the center line, leaving a small amount of unfolded paper between the two top sides. Next, fold over the two new top corners, this time bringing the top of the paper to a point.

Step 3: Folds 6 And 7

Picture of Folds 6 And 7
Fold the paper in half again and then do a basic "M" fold to create wings.

Step 4: Pushing In The Back

Picture of Pushing In The Back
Pushing in the back of the airplane accomplishes three things:

-It makes the plane sturdier.
-It makes the plane more compact and aesthetically pleasing.
-It creates weight towards the back of the plane, causing the plane to naturally lift itself up into the air.

To do this, push the bottom of the back center paper up into and between the wings as shown. Try to make the fold even and symmetrical on both sides. Push in until the paper reaches the middle of the interior of the plane.

Step 5: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!
Congratulations! You now have your own NK DoubleDart paper airplane! Enjoy!
DuckyD1 month ago
I do not get it!!!

I looked at thy plane, and it was awesome-eth! I have a really good idea with it too! (If ya wanna know my idea, just ask)

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210451 year ago
Thanks! (What is it?)
nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Cool idea! But I really don't understand it... :/

Ok, let me elaborate.

If you know a bit about shooting sports, there is a game called skeet in which we have to shoot some flying discs with a gun. Now, what I am saying is that instead of the discs, we can use paper airplanes, and to bring NERF into action, we can use a nerf gun which is accurate and has a lot of power (like the Barricade, Elite guns, Longshot etc). Now, on this site, there is a K'nex Paper airplane launcher (http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Paper-Airplane-Launchers/). This can be used to launch the paper airplanes. Now the main objective of the game is to hit the flying airplanes with your darts.

But of course, you need two players (at minimum) to play, and three would just add a lot more fun.

If you still didn't understand, then just ask again, I will try to make it more clearer.

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210451 year ago
I get it now! That's a pretty cool idea, and you could use it for target practice, and maybe attach Nerf Darts to the planes to drop as little "bombs!"


nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210451 year ago

If you make it I suggest you make two versions, one with K'nex and one out of other materials!

I might try that!

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210451 year ago


Yeah, so I was just surfing instructables when I found a knex paper airplane launcher (just search for it). So, I was thinking of a skeet-like game where the discs were there and the gun would be... say a longshot?

Tell me if you likey my idea.

hunter9991 year ago
Looks great! How far can it fly though :P
nerfrocketeer (author)  hunter9991 year ago
Thanks! About 30 feet (10m) on average!