Thank you for taking a look at the NK DoubleDart paper airplane!

The NK DoubleDart paper airplane has a special "doubled-over' design effect on the front, which not only adds an interesting aesthetic characteristic but also adds a more streamlined shape for the wings. This allows the craft to have a more smooth and accurate flight.

Following are the steps to build the airplane.

Step 1: Paper

To build this airplane you will only need one piece of paper.
I do not get it!!!
<p>I looked at thy plane, and it was awesome-eth! I have a really good idea with it too! (If ya wanna know my idea, just ask) </p>
Thanks! (What is it?)
Cool idea! But I really don't understand it... :/
<p>Ok, let me elaborate.</p><p>If you know a bit about shooting sports, there is a game called skeet in which we have to shoot some flying discs with a gun. Now, what I am saying is that instead of the discs, we can use paper airplanes, and to bring NERF into action, we can use a nerf gun which is accurate and has a lot of power (like the Barricade, Elite guns, Longshot etc). Now, on this site, there is a K'nex Paper airplane launcher (<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Paper-Airplane-Launchers/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Paper-Airplane-Launchers/</a>). This can be used to launch the paper airplanes. Now the main objective of the game is to hit the flying airplanes with your darts.</p><p>But of course, you need two players (at minimum) to play, and three would just add a lot more fun.</p><p>If you still didn't understand, then just ask again, I will try to make it more clearer.</p>
I get it now! That's a pretty cool idea, and you could use it for target practice, and maybe attach Nerf Darts to the planes to drop as little &quot;bombs!&quot;
<p>If you make it I suggest you make two versions, one with K'nex and one out of other materials!</p>
<p>I might try that!</p>
<p>Yeah, so I was just surfing instructables when I found a knex paper airplane launcher (just search for it). So, I was thinking of a skeet-like game where the discs were there and the gun would be... say a longshot?</p><p>Tell me if you likey my idea.</p>
Looks great! How far can it fly though :P
Thanks! About 30 feet (10m) on average!

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