Picture of How To Make The Official NK NerfNeck
The NK Nerfneck is a mandatory neckpiece I.D. for all NK3A members. It consists of a spring, a Nerf dart with your N-name on it, and a string, lanyard, or other neck-hanging item. It symbolizes the Modding expertise, Nerf tactical skills, and creativity of the NK3A. If your have been accepted or invited into the NK3A, you must create one of these in order to become an official member.

If you are both NK3A and NK3AE personnel, you must have two NerfNecks, to wear at appropriate times.

If you do not know what the NK3 is, and/or are interested in enlisting, feel free to send me a Private Message.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The NK NerfNeck only requires three simple items to create:

-A spring from a small Nerf gun, this one is from the original Nerf Reflex IX-1.

-A Nerf Dart with your NK3 name written neatly on it in pen or marker. Use Streamline darts if you are in the NK3A only, but if your are NK3E, use an Elite dart. This NerfNeck is just an example.

-A string, lanyard, piece of lace, or anything you can tie around your neck like a necklace or chain, and attach to the spring.
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cheefkeef2 months ago

I just sent a request I was wondering if there were badges for units

adamv12 months ago


adamv12 months ago

can i join

adamv12 months ago

I joined, but I have no clue if this has any purpose. The only army in Michigan is...

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8707 months ago

...the NEC? Remember the NK3AE is international. You only need one when you're present at a Nerf war and you are representing the NK3AE.


How u know?

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8705 months ago
Psychic powers. :)

Also why did u post this? Make this tutorial only available to members, or else people can fake it.

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8707 months ago

People can't fake membership because all official members are listed on our website.

damn it, already use my reflex spring for a grenade launcher, what do I do? I don't want to gut my guns for a spring, I wanna mod them. does it have to be a nerf gun spring, or any spring that fits a dart? I have plenty of darts, but no orange streamlines.

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8707 months ago

It can be a notebook spring or anything similar, (yes) as long as it fits a Nerf dart.

what if you don't have a streamline dart, only elites.

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8707 months ago

I guess it doesn't matter. No problem there.

nerfanator1358 months ago
Can I use multiple air restrictor springs for my nerfneck?
nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfanator1357 months ago

Sure! Just make sure they stay together.

nerfanator1359 months ago
I have been officially accepted to the NK3A and I was wondering how you get to better ranks
nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfanator1359 months ago
Hey, congrats! If you want to advance, it's pretty simple. Here's how:

On the field:

Outstanding acts of merit, such as personal sacrifice, extreme courage, ingenuity, strength, or show of good character warrant a rank increase. This includes reaching mission objectives.


To get promoted in the NK3AE to a higher division, you have to contribute in some way to the community, such as by suggesting a reasonable upgrade to infrastructure or submitting a mod to our mods page. Uploading video or adding tips and tricks is another way. Basically adding to the content of the site or the army as a whole will warrant a rank increase.

Hey ,when you see it, if I got accepted,pls post up your link because I can't find it
nerfrocketeer (author)  constructobot1 year ago

Done, take a look!

Hey I'm interested in joining nk3ae
nerfrocketeer (author)  constructobot1 year ago

Ok, I'm glad ypu're interested! To enlist, go to


It will be up tomorrow
nerfrocketeer (author)  constructobot1 year ago


Thx for following me
nerfrocketeer (author)  constructobot1 year ago
No problem!
I can show you my costuming skills look at my up coming post
nerfrocketeer (author)  constructobot1 year ago
Alright! Let me know when it's up.
Can u tell me if you have a website so I can join
nerfrocketeer (author)  constructobot1 year ago
Sure, the website is:


Thanks for your interest!
Nerf Kid1 year ago
Hey nerfrocketeer I'm HeathSM I forgot my password and I don't have my reset code because that was on my old email account which got deleted you can even ask mythbuster7 my name is Heath
nerfrocketeer (author)  Nerf Kid1 year ago

Hey nice talking to you man! I believe it's you. In case you didn't know I made you an NK3AE Brigadier of the Midwestern Region on your buddy Mythbuster's recommendation! Congratulations! You can see your position on www.nk3ae.weebly.com. There may be some upcoming wars in the Midwestern arena this summer, so stay tuned on the Wars page of our site!

Anything you wanted to talk about?

Thanks nerfrocketeer!!!!!!! Your awesome
Nerf Kid1 year ago
I've been doing nerf for a long time know
nerfrocketeer (author)  Nerf Kid1 year ago

I figured, MB7 told me you two were expert Nerfers!

paracordry1 year ago
I mean k
paracordry1 year ago
paracordry1 year ago
No but I can relay them to him
nerfrocketeer (author)  paracordry1 year ago
Well, basically he/she needs to do two things:

-Create an NK Nerfneck
-Come up with a username for the Nk3AE and submit to me or the website.

Hope this helps! They can also apply on the website.
paracordry1 year ago
My friend would like to join
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