Step 10: Flight

Your Pelican is now ready for flight. Enjoy!
open what? im confused<br>
You open the paper that has been folded up as seen in the first picture on step 5. You then lay the paper down in between what will become the two wings. This will later create the &quot;security&quot; fold.
step 5
<p>what kind of things can it carry? </p>
<p>Pods like the ones shown in these photographs.</p><p>Very few people have shown much interest in the pods, so I have not published them thus far.</p>
<p>Ok, thanks, do these pods carry items?</p>
<p>They are intended to. The rear pyramids on the backs of the pods are removable aerodynamic fairings. These can be removed to place cargo inside and then replaced before flight to restore the aerodynamics to normal.</p>

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