Introduction: How to Make the Perfect Duct Tape Wallet or Purse

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Hi!! This is my instructable on how to make the perfect duct tape wallet! Please comment or follow if you like it!!!!!!!

Step 1: Getting Supplies

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You will need: A roll of duct tape, Scissors, Optional but helpful, a razor blade

Step 2: Getting Started

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To get started cut a piece of tape twice the length of the wallet you want. Usually this is between 7-8in. Then do it 9 more times.

Step 3: Getting Started Continued

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With the first 5 strips put them one on top of the other like I did. Repeat with the 2nd 5.

Step 4: The SHEET

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You should end up with 2 of these (in the pic I have the sticky side down) and then put one of them on top of the other one and trim the edges.

Step 5: Adding Sides

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First fold your sheet in half length wise and put duct tape on the sides to hold it down like in the pic. Note, if you are looking at this for the purse this is the final step.

Step 6: Your Done!

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Now find the biggest hugest most ginormous book you can find and put this in the middle. When it comes out the next day it will be nice and flat!! Please comment and follow!


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