Step 1: What You Will Need

This makes 1 omelette:

1. 2 eggs

2. Milk

3. Salt/ pepper

4. Filling ( optional)

5. 2 pans

6. Bowl

7. Fork.

Step 2: Mixing

Mix the two eggs and a splash of milk together. Then add the salt and pepper and mix together.

Step 3: The Pan

Heat the pans and grease them.

Step 4: The Filling

Finally chop your filling and put into a pan.

Step 5: The Omelette

Put the omelette mix into a different pan to the filling. And coco until a pail brown colour.

Step 6: Eating

Eat every last bit of your omelette and enjoy.
Thanks for the tip I'll try it next time
Try sourcream instead of milk. Makes the eggs fluffier. Nice post btw.
Sox 4 any mistakes it's my first instrustable
I loved eating the omelette

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