Introduction: How to Make the Perfect Omelet

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Step 1: What You Will Need

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This makes 1 omelette:

1. 2 eggs

2. Milk

3. Salt/ pepper

4. Filling ( optional)

5. 2 pans

6. Bowl

7. Fork.

Step 2: Mixing

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Mix the two eggs and a splash of milk together. Then add the salt and pepper and mix together.

Step 3: The Pan

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Heat the pans and grease them.

Step 4: The Filling

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Finally chop your filling and put into a pan.

Step 5: The Omelette

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Put the omelette mix into a different pan to the filling. And coco until a pail brown colour.

Step 6: Eating

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Eat every last bit of your omelette and enjoy.


Cool Boots (author)2015-03-21

Thanks for the tip I'll try it next time

naustghoul (author)2015-03-15

Try sourcream instead of milk. Makes the eggs fluffier. Nice post btw.

Cool Boots (author)2015-03-15

Sox 4 any mistakes it's my first instrustable

Cool Boots (author)2015-03-15

I loved eating the omelette

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