Introduction: How to Make the RazorWind Paper Airplane

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This Instructable will show you how to make a very good paper glider called the RazorWind.

Step 1: Fold One

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Take a piece of paper and fold it in half "hot dog style" (longways).

Step 2: Folds Two, Three, and Four

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Next, fold the top two corners down to the center. Then, fold the top triangle down. Finally, fold part of the top sides down, as shown.

Step 3: Wings

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Fold the paper in half with all previous folds facing outward. Fold down the wings.

Step 4: Fins

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Fold up the tips of the wings to make fins. Congratulations! Your RazorWind glider is now complete! The pockets on the bottom are capable of carrying Bluehawk Bombs! (in another 'ible). Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!!!


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Nice one!

nerfrocketeer (author)hunter9992013-10-13

If you see any other versions of this, they have been copied from mine...>:/

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