Step 5: Wing Folding

Fold the wings down from about 3/4 inch above the center line.
thanks dude
now that is COOL! :D
Should you cut the stick off the bottlerocket or leave it on?
That would depend on your desires I suppose. For weight reasons, anything unnecessary like that might be should be discarded, if possible.
OK thanks!
Um....What Rockets Do you mean?<br><br>
Small rocket motors that can fit in the Scorpion's nacelles.
how ? can u you give me some instruction on how to do it?pretty pls...<br>
You install the rockets in the nacelles. Its quite simple, I'm sure you'll understand it. Just put the rockets in the pods, and if you feel it necessary apply tape to the pods and rockets.
I mean how to construct the Rockets?
Oh; I don't get into that myself. Homemade rockets are something I've never approached, nor would I advise anyone else to try. At best, they are unpredictable. I just design the paper airframes, not the rockets that go with them.
Great looking plane. Now a video of the plane in action (with rockets of course) is all we're missing. How do you wire up the launcher so both ignite at the same time?
Unfortunately, I do not have an operational Scorpion, 2-4 rockets or a motion video camera available at this time. Sorry. :(<br> <br> One of my friends who is into rocketry told me that the Scorpion's rockets could be lit with fuses individually in quick succession. Thinking about this myself, I believe individual ignitions should be fine, so long as the fuses are set accordingly.<br>
how to put the rockets i n there<br>
Rockets are to be installed in the external pods.
i just made it
Excellent! If you can make this plane, you can make almost every other plane I've posted. Good luck! :)
i realy cant understand that
Eh, this plane is one of my really advanced ones. To build this plane you need experience building the &quot;Pancake&quot; paper airplane (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-The-Nose-Heavy-Paper-Airplane-With-Re/), and so one might have to make it first to understand the Scorpion's construction.

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