Step 7: Flight

The Simple Skystreak is fairly easy to construct, but it is even easier to fly. Originally designed as a trainer, the Simple Skystreak is able to cope with less than perfect conditions, as well as recover from stalls very quickly. With an excellent glide ratio, the aircraft has a long range.

The Simple Skystreak also has the capability of being adapted into a walk-along glider.

This is nearly the simplest glider I know. Possibly it's also the most efficient.
<p> I&nbsp;recently tested this layout for a science project and it&nbsp;proved to be one of the most efficient&nbsp;wing shapes I have ever seen.<br> &nbsp;</p>
Is that a walkalong glider
Generally, the Simple Skystreak is not operated as a walk-along glider, but it can be flown as one.

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