Picture of How To Make The Simple StarDragon Paper Airplane
Fast, long range, and adaptable, the Simple StarDragon is a semi-tailless variant of the fast StarDragon drone sailplane. The two have much in common, and so a Simple StarDragon can be converted to the StarDragon standard. For those making such a conversion, proceed to here.

I decided to design the Simple StarDragon to eliminate the horizontal stabilizers, which use more material and add more weight and drag. The primary need for them was to help keep pitch trimming for aviators less experienced in trimming out other parts of the aircraft similarly. While the Simple StarDragon does not have horizontal stabilizers, it can be fitted with them at any time during or after construction--essentially making it into a regular StarDragon.

TAA USAF Designation: D269-2

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 Piece of 8 by 10.5 inch graph paper (4 boxes per inch)