Meant for flights in high winds and other stunts, the SkyCharger is a relatively small paper airplane with high wing loading. It is very stable and is easily capable of exciting thrill-filled flights.

I developed the SkyCharger from my recent SkyHammerheadin response to the warm reception by the viewers of Instructables to the original Charger, which I felt had never been followed up on. Like the Charger and its parent design, the Hammerhead, there is great commonality between the SkyHammerhead and the SkyCharger--to the point where the former can be converted into the latter at any time during or after construction.

For those converting an existing SkyHammerhead, proceed to here.

Educators could easily use this paper airplane to demonstrate:
  • Glide ratio
  • Hangtime versus other aircraft
  • Weight and balance
  • Flight dynamics
TAA USAF Designation: UA165-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper
1 Prebuilt SkyHammerhead

my skyhammerhead wouldn't fly so i made it a skycharger. it rocks!

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