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Fast, long range and small, the SkyLocust is an more capable variant of the Locust drone fighter paper airplane. Like the Raptor, the SkyLocust is a very sleek design that bares resemblance to many modern fighter jets and can be used to represent them. The excellent performance and small size of the SkyLocust make it an ideal drone interceptor for those wishing to replace older types, such as the Super SkyManx or the Locust itself.

The SkyLocust was developed to succeed the Locust with better performance and aerodynamics, as well smaller size. It met each requirement in the flight testing of its prototype and was assigned an instructable slot. The SkyLocust is the first released aircraft of many designs in development that share a common airframe configuration, for increased commonality and simplicity.

TAA USAF Designation: D286-1

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 Piece of 8 by 10.5 inch graph paper
greenzebra_2 years ago
Like draw everything out, then take a overhead view of it.
OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  greenzebra_2 years ago
This description seems quite similar to the existing views presented, seen here and here.
greenzebra_2 years ago
Hey can u post a full photo of the graph paper with all the marks on it? Thanks!
OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  greenzebra_2 years ago
Do you mean like the first photograph of the second step? Or some other way? :?
timwikander2 years ago
Hey, these are great!
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Thank you! :)