Step 8: Fold the Winglets and Tape; Make the Forward Fin Butterfly

Fold the winglets up 3/4 of an inch from the wingtip. Repeat on the other side. Then tape the aircraft together.


To make the forward fin provide more stability, fold it over the wing root on each side. Once each side is folded, make sure they are both angled at 45 degrees.
I just made this plane and I love it. Are there any plans on a successor?
No plans as of now, though I have previously given thought to new developments.
Well when you do let me know, i love the look of it. 2 quick things, are there any plans to make another Rocket Powered Airplane?(and is there a tutorial on here to make said rockets?) and I am having difficulties posting an instructible of the Skylance Paper Airplane video, but I am sending you the video link right now. P.S. In he video I am a bit nervous but I will get better.
I just made this plane and I love it. Are there any plans on a successor?
it would help if there was a video
I would make one, but I do not have the capability to make motion videos at this time.

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