Introduction: How to Make the Spectre Paper Airplane

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The Spectre paper airplane has a large wing, long range and medium speed.

TAA USAF Designation: A2-1 (previously F31-1)

Step 1: Materials

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1 Piece of 8.5 inch by 11 inch Paper
Scotch Tape
Scissors (for advanced variants only)

Step 2: Simple Folding

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Begin by folding your paper in half along it's length. Then pull the corner into the center. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3: More Advanced Folds

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Pull the nose down along the bottom of the corner folds. After completing that aspect, pull the corners in once again. Now fold the plane in half along its center.

Step 4: Fold the Wings

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Fold the wing down completely flush to the fuselage and down all but 0.75 inches of the fuselage. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Fold the Winglets

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Fold the winglet up about half an inch. Repeat on the other side. Then open your aircraft as if to launch it. 

Step 6: Tape the Airplane

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Tape your aircraft on the nose (front) and the rear.

Step 7: Flight

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Your Spectre is now ready for flight. Enjoy!

Step 8: Modifications

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Although this is a simple airplane that can be modified in several ways, there are only a few I've ever pursued:

F31-2 (now A2-2) Spectre: A Spectre with gull wings, originally a design to test JATO/RATO capabilities. Comparable range to, but quite faster than the "-1" Spectre.

A2-3 Super Spectre: A version of the Spectre with larger wings, and a smaller fuselage and pair of winglets. This variant has more lift than the original model.

A2-5 SkySpectre: A high maneuverability version of the Spectre, taking many traits from the Skyhawk (


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